Get rewarded

Earn RM1 - RM100+ in cash by sharing your opinions!


Is this real?
Yes it is. Check out the reviews from the many people who have been rewarded for their opinions shared on our Facebook page
How it works?
After you sign up, surveys will be sent to your email automatically. Rewards & estimated time needed will be stated in the survey invitation email before you answer the survey so you can decide whether it is worth it for you to answer the survey or not.
What’s the reward for answering surveys?
It depends on the survey itself, some surveys give you cash rewards, others give you product rewards. Rewards will be told upfront before you answer the survey.
How do I receive cash rewards?
We send out cash rewards via bank-in to your local bank account. You can withdraw when you have as low as RM 0.10 for your first withdrawal. All withdrawals after your first withdrawal require a minimum of RM 3.00.
When will I receive surveys to answer?
Survey availability depends on your demographics (gender, age, location etc), it will be sent to your email whenever it is available.
I still have questions, who can I contact?
Please check our FAQ section here. If your questions are still not answered, then please reach out to [email protected] and we will answer your queries as soon as we can.